These robust and durable fertiliser spreaders are designed to be used behind quad bikes. Being quick to couple up and lightweight in the field, these spreaders are ideal to sow fertiliser on rotationally-grazed paddocks and top-dress both arable crops and grassland before one can reasonably venture out with a tractor and conventional spreader. They are also frequently used by local councils and their contractors to spread salt on roads and pavements.

With their plastic hopper, lid and mudguards, plus the stainless steel spinning disc, shutter and agitator, the AITCHISON Agrispred is designed to last for years. The spreading discs are fitted with easily adjustable spreading vanes, to cater for different types of fertiliser and spreading widths.

Technical details

Hopper capacity 460lts
Spreading width 15m
Height 1.40m
Weight 375kgs
Quad bike req’d 4WD 400cc+

Stainless steel spinning disc and spread-rate aperture.
Plastic hopper, lid and mudguards.
Galvanised frame.

Additional information

Weight 0000 kg